Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Originally published in Aphrodisia Magazine, 18/9/13 in response to Tweet asking for "what’s the sexiest word in your dictionary and why? Get involved in our new column" under my Twitter handle @emilyrose_uk

Moist. Say it. Say it out loud. Say it slowly. Say it quickly. Feel it on your tongue. Let it linger there. Hear the whisper it makes, hear its echo. Just saying it, you can feel her wetness on your tongue; feel her quiver, the way the word makes your tongue quiver. It’s the word that encapsulates all the filthy, carnal, animalistic needing, wanting, desiring that you have for her. It’s the word that describes the warmth, the stickiness, the slickiness that you feel when you plunge into her, becoming one with her. It can lead to everything. And nothing.

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